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Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years old. A practicing Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church. Prospective members fill out a Form 100 and are interviewed to confirm their eligibility. Afterwards each application will be voted upon. The path to Knighthood begins with an investiture ceremony called the "First Degree". There are three degrees, each one a lesson. They are on Charity, Unity and Fraternity. A fully vested Knight has participated in all of the degrees and is known as a Third Degree Knight.

There is a Fourth Degree, that of Patriotism, and passage entitles one to membership in a separate, but related, organization called an Assembly.

The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups