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Deary Rural Fire District

PO Box 222, 403 Main Street

Deary, Idaho 83823-0222


Joint Fire Training Exercise with Troy, ID Fire Department on May 6, 2000

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The 'crew' of Deary and Troy Firefighters.

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The small shack before practice begins.

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Engine and water tender layout at the scene.

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Full involved, exposure protection practice.

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Upstairs got a little hot!!

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Deary's Engine 7 water tender, 5000 gallon.

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Troy's 1963 Crown Pumper.

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Deary Chief, Tim Jones, gives instruction on SCBA.

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Practice with the 1.75" preconnect line.

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Gettin' hot! Front: Corey Burnette, James Johnston, Jim Self. Back: Jim Bell and Jack Cantrell.

The Deary Fire Department would like to thank the Troy Fire Department for their invitation to this joint training exercise. Special thanks to Troy Chief, Ron Stearns and mostly to his wife, Anita, for the great lunch sandwiches she made!! You guys are great!!!

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