Deary Fire & Ambulance

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PO Box 222

Deary, ID 83823-0222


Extrication Training with Doug Gregg of the Lewiston, ID Fire Dept.

This training was held on May 4, 2002. Using our Holmatro rescue equipment. We are equipped with a dual stage pump, cutters and spreaders, and a ram. We also have air bags, stabilization chocks. Practice makes perfect!!

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Doug Gregg of the Lewiston FD explains how to 'pop' the doors with the spreaders. Thanks for the excellent instruction, Doug!

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Karen gets to try her hand with the window punch.

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Tim Jones, Deary Fire Chief, is hooking up the air supply to chisel out the windshield.

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Does it work yet??!!

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OK, looks like we're ready to get started!

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A few last connection of the Holmatro hydraulic tools.

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We're going to start with this door, you'll pop it open with the spreaders.

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Gary splits the windshield for removal with the air chisel.

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Diana gets a few cutting tips from Doug.

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Passenger's eye view of rescuer Steve coming through the door!

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Last step is to ram the dash forward.

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There you go, it's almost summer, you've always wanted a convertible, right?

Deary Fire and Ambulance use Holmatro Rescue Equipment.

We were last updated on 05/06/2002