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Deary Rural Fire District

PO Box 222, 403 Main Street

Deary, Idaho 83823-0222

Deary Fire Department Training Schedule

February/March/April 2001

Date Instructor Topic
2/13 John Crawford Essentials/Fire Behavior
2/15 John Crawford SCBA
2/20 John Crawford Ventilation
2/22 John Crawford Forced entry
3/1 John Crawford Rope/Knots, Haz Mat
3/10 John Ryan Advanced Extrication
3/11 John Ryan Advanced Extrication
4/1 Darrel Daniels Apparatus Driving
4/10 Darrel Daniels Pumping Operations
4/12 Darrel Daniels Ladders
4/17 Darrel Daniels Deary School pre-plan
4/24 Darrel Daniels Passport system


John Crawford from Lewiston FD talks about fire tactics with Deary FD members.

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SCBA Practice

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Left: Deary firefighters gather around to hear the basics on SCBA setup, operation and testing. Right: John Crawford helps Rob Lundy properly don and operate SCBA equipment. Steve Halen looks on.

Oh Baby! Keep it Simple, see?

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John gives (l to r), Jim Self, Jack Cantrell and Nik Jones the simple facts to staying alive with SCBA in a fire situation.

Clockwise from top left: John Crawford demonstrates entry techniques using the Halligan tool. All eyes skyward as trainees watch tell-tale ribbons in doorway indicating air movement during ventilation theory/practice. John Mozingo (l) gets hitched up in a harness seat by Deary Fire Chief, Tim Jones (r). Instructor, John Crawford gets a good laugh! Crawford helps Nik Jones into a harness seat explaining some of the difficulties and pitfalls.

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