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a part of the Deary Rural Fire District

We're proud of our crew! We are working on getting all their photos, but for now, here's an introduction to our team!

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Bonnie, First Responder

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Carla, EMT

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Diana, EMT-A

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Karen, EMT-A

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Keith, EMT-A

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Leslie, EMT-A

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Pam, EMT

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Shayne, First Responder

sue.JPG (6182 bytes)

Sue, EMT

tim.JPG (5543 bytes)

Tim, EMT

steve.JPG (5286 bytes)

Steve, EMT

brian.JPG (6024 bytes)

Brian, First Responder

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Melanie, First Responder

ryan.jpg (6655 bytes)

Ryan, EMT


We were last updated on: 03/27/2002